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Wrongly Accused People

There are many ways that you can support our efforts in helping other people affected by false accusations. Simply by visiting the site you have already done so in many ways since the amount of traffic passing through helps to highlight just how massively underestimated the level of injustice in this country. Day after day we hear or read of yet another case yet I can assure you that it never truly sinks in until you’ve been unfortunate enough to have the experience for yourself. Maintaining your interest in itself is therefore an important tool and will prove a valuable point to those who as yet are unaware of any real problem.

As I have described in other pages of the site already, anyone with legal qualifications or positions can volunteer their time in offering legal advice to those who need it. Obviously the cost to them as regards input to www.wronglyaccusedpeople.org.uk is nothing more than their time. However in return they will undoubtedly receive clients as a result and hence their time here will be rewarded during the course of their normal working days.

Participating in our forum pages either to seek advice or provide with yours should you have experience of what the wrongly accused is going through. A real meeting place for victims of injustice and/or their families to draw on each other’s support and encouragement, people in this position can feel terribly isolated if they don’t have the support network I had available to me which is vital. I can’t for one second imagine how much worse it would have been without it and setting the legal advice aside one of my main aims is to ensure that everyone has the help at hand throughout the whole process.

Those are just a few ways you can support falsely accused or wrongly convicted people and their families. I however would like to be able to do more myself and by securing the services of others which sadly can’t happen without a degree of financial input which I am unable to provide by myself. While the cost of a website is minimal and I have set up with my own funds, there are ongoing costs involved in making it accessible to those who would benefit from it. A website can be of no help to anyone if they can’t find it easily and unfortunately that takes publicity in many forms which costs.

I will in the future, when I am more able to do so, be making myself more openly available for direct contact with anyone who required it either by way of phone calls or actual visits which will also involve funding. As will providing assistance from elsewhere if necessary. How much good can come from this site is impossible to judge at this stage, but ultimately as with any organisation, good will is never a problem, fund raising often is. I simply don’t want to be in a position where someone desperately needs help but there are no funds in the site’s account to cover any expenses it would incur and don’t have funds of my own to do so with.

There are two main ways that you can assist in this regard at this time. If you have had any involvement with miscarriages of justice either directly or indirectly, you will probably be aware of how badly this kind of assistance is needed. Or perhaps you can simply realise its benefit to others and would like to make a donation towards helping to even the scales of justice. In either case you can do so by simply making a donation using the ‘donate’ button below. You can choose to remain anonymous or not, if you choose to remain anonymous a ‘nick’ would be applied to any list published. I will publish details of expenditure on the site so that every penny is accounted for, but equally I feel that listing how many individuals or companies have had to contribute to make this all possible should be. If for no other reason than to shame the legal system into conducting their investigations properly in the first instance thereby reducing the costs involved in putting it right later.

Business owners or anyone with a company which is related to the website in particular can support the site by advertising in the side panels or header bar. At present the automated scripting necessary for this has not been created although it is very much in the pipeline. For this reason at this time it can only be done manually, details of how to proceed can be found on this page. < Sponsored Ads >

Thank you very much for your interest whichever method you use to support those in need of it.



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