Danny Major was charged with three counts of assault and after two trials he was acquitted of one charge but found guilty of

In a series of events that spanned over two trials, Danny Major was charged with three counts of assault. The legal battle generated intense public scrutiny but ultimately concluded in a mixed verdict. After being acquitted of one charge, Major was found guilty of the other two.

Danny Major, a 34-year-old man from Baltimore, found himself in the midst of a legal nightmare after being accused of assaulting three individuals in separate incidents. According to prosecutors, the altercations occurred at a local pub in June 2017.

The first trial commenced in November 2018 and consisted of six days of testimony from over 20 witnesses. The prosecution painted Major as an aggressive individual with propensity for violence. However, Major’s defense team argued that their client was acting in self-defense during the altercations, and that some of the alleged victims had initiated these confrontations.

One key piece of evidence brought forth by the prosecution was surveillance footage from outside the pub where two of the incidents took place. Although the video was grainy and lacked audio, it did capture some physical altercations involving Major.

The jury spent multiple days deliberating after both sides presented their case. Ultimately, they found him not guilty on one count but deadlocked on the other two charges. A mistrial was declared on those counts and prosecutors announced their intention to retry Major on them.

The second trial began in April 2019 with new juries and a similar line-up of witnesses. This time around, however, it appeared that public sentiment had shifted against Danny Major after extensive media coverage focused on his violent outbursts during the initial trial.

After four days of deliberation following this second trial, Danny Major was found guilty of both remaining assault charges. He now faces up to four years in prison for each count.

Throughout both trials, supporters of either side gathered to show solidarity for Danny or his alleged victims. Those who stood by Danny asserted their belief in his innocence based on inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and potential biases among law enforcement investigators.

Reflecting upon his experience with the justice system at large, Danny’s family released a statement addressing what they perceived as its failure to account for mitigating circumstances like self-defense.

“We’re absolutely heartbroken at this outcome,” they expressed in their statement. “We firmly believe that our son acted in self-defense during all three events and that he has been dragged through this ordeal due to systemic failures within our legal system.”

While bitter emotions remain for those affected by these events surrounding Danny Major’s accusations and trials, many hope to find closure now that justice has been served—or not served—depending who you ask.

As attention turns toward sentencing proceedings scheduled for later next week, one thing is certain: This saga which ignited debates about fairness within our legal system will continue to reverberate across communities long after its conclusion.